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Where to See Roamer Next

Roamer’s Ongoing Public Appearance Schedule

Check out where you will see Roamer next.  You are welcome to go along and say hello.  She would love to see you!

Forthcoming Events: March 24th Oldham

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Congratulations Dr Lowenstein on Your Recent Honour

Roamer’s long-time educational adviser receives prestigious award

The National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates (NAMEPA) honoured Dr Lowenstein for her efforts to promote equitable education with their “2016 Wings to Succeed Award”.  Ronnie’s tireless efforts in advising and encouraging Roamer’s development is one example of her contribution. Continue reading

How to Use Roamer to Bring about World Peace.

Waves of Change – Your Chance to Find out How.

Scientist turned science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, invented three laws of robotics.  The first law says a robot may not injure a human being, yet war drones regularly buzz around battlefields.  When educational robot Roamer heard about the European Pledge to Peace it just had to help.  How can it do this? Continue reading

Roamer to Appear in Front of the US Congress

Roamer Movie to Premier

Roamer® received a summons to appear in front of the US Congress. On the 12th April she will attend the STEM on the Hill™ exhibition held on Capitol Hill. There she will appear in front of an invited audience which includes 535 Members of the US Congress and key Congressional staff. The audience will interrogate Roamer on her performance in the “Robotic Performing Arts Project™” created by Oxon Hill Middle School, in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

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Paper Accepted for Bangkok Conference

Using Learning Intentions with Educational Robots

The Constructionism Conference 2016 has peer reviewed and accepted a paper written by Dave Catlin. It one of a series of papers in which Dave pioneers the use of Assessment for Learning methods with Educational Robots. The conference takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, 1st to 5th February 2016. Unfortunately, Dave cannot attend the conference so he will use Skype and a slide show to present the paper.

Constructionism 2016

The presentation is Session “17A : Math, Programming, Robots” and will take place at 11 am Friday Feb 5th.

Roamer is Part of PGCPS Arts Integration Programme

Project Full STEAM Ahead

Honoured as Superintendent of the year 2014 Dr Kevin Maxwell is now in charge of Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) in Maryland USA.  Dr Maxwell is a strong believer in the arts.  In 2010, the Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance honoured his efforts to improve arts education.  It is perhaps not surprise he has made arts integration as a key strand in his PGCPS policy.  Add arts to STEM and you get STEAM: Science, Technology, engineering, arts and maths.  Earlier this year saw the launch of a Roamer pilot project called Full STEAM Ahead.  This follows up on earlier Robotic Performing Arts™ work done by Valiant. Continue reading

East Sussex Primary School Beat the Spooks

Crawley STEMFest Big Bang Event Finds New Champions

The first Big Bang Roamer attended was at the National Event just over two years ago.  Students were set the challenge Sum Pathways – the aim of which was to program Roamer to find the pathway through a grid that would gather highest cumulative score from start to finish.  The challenge not only grabbed the attention of the children but fascinated many of the neighbouring exhibitors in the maths zone.  Over the four days the high score kept growing and by the end the top score stood at a massive 759,942.  This score has now been beaten by boys and girls from All Saints and St Richard’s Primary School in Old Heathfield East Sussex at Crawley STEMfest Big Bang 2015.

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Roamer at the West Sussex Big Bang Fair

Roamer Does Its Maths Thing Again

Once again Roamer will be challenging students to find the Biggest Number at a Big Bang Event. This time time it is the Big Bang Fair South East 2015. Once again as guests of the Institute of Mathematics we will be supporting the Crawley STEMfest on the 30th June.

Roamer at the Big Bang South East England

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Roamer Research Contributes in USA and Europe

Roamer Research Expertise at the Forefront of Educational Robotics

Dr Stephanie Holmquist, US proponent and distributor of Roamer will be a panel member at an important Robotics Symposium on the 1st May at Brown’s University in the USA.  Roamer designer, Dave Catlin will present a paper on educational robotic research and its impact in the classroom and a poster on mathematical modelling with Roamer in Switzerland on 21st May. Continue reading

StrongBot Contest in British Science Week

The World’s Strongest Man competition sees people doing amazing things like carrying two large fridges over 30 m, pulling trucks or aircraft and what is the equivalent of carrying a fat man up a lot of stairs.  I have to say I enjoy watching the programme.  However, as an ex-crane designer I must tell them we have machines for doing that sort of stuff!  Of course this inspired the StrongBot Contest which will be taken on by Year 7 and 8 Lambeth Academy Students as par of British Science Week. Continue reading

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