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Roamer in Boston for National Robotics Week

Roamer Continues its Work at the Museum

According to Dan Noren Roamer has been one of the most successful parts of the interactive displays at Chaners Computer Place, Museum of Science Boston. Prototypes of the new Roamer took part in the inaugural National Robotics week, where visitor engaged in the Robot Rally Race Activity.

Success of an interactive exhibit in a museum needs to meet a number of criteria. It provides a challenge that:

  1. Can be quickly understood by the participants
  2. Clearly engages one learning principle (normally STEM related)
  3. Normally a task that can be completed in few minutes
  4. Is something that children of a wide range of ages and abilities can engage with and have a reasonable chance of success
  5. Is attractive to children – something they want to have a go at
  6. Is durable enough to withstand persistent usage

The Museum is situated within walking distance of World leading robotic institutes like the MIT Media Lab. Additionally, working collaborations with NASA, Northeastern University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Southern California, iRobot, Exponent and others provide a lot of support and feature their robots in many of our interactive exhibits. But the most reliable and exciting robot for interactive work was Roamer.

Dan Noren
Program Manager

Chaners Computer Place,
Museum of Science Boston


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