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Roamer Helps Launch of Islington’s Computer Strategy

Kate Hudson and Roamer joined teachers, children and dignitaries at the launch of Islington’s computer strategy at the Assembly Halls.  The cornerstone of the approach is the Code Clubs which are in all Islington Schools.  Guest speaker TV Presenter Maggie Philbin, spoke of the importance of communities working together to help children gain crucial skills.

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Children from Thornhill School telling Islington teachers about their programming experiences.

There were Raspberry Pi’s, Roamers, Lego, BeeBots Scratch with children from various Islington schools demonstrating what they learning.

The kids from Thornhill Primary School totally nailed it when they explained how learning to code has helped them understand the things they use every single day!

This was epitomised at the end of the event.   Kate had packed up all the Roamers and was ready to go when the children from Thornhill, who had been showing their work with Tablet Computers on the other side of hall, came to the Roamer area.  They persuaded Kate to unpack the robot and started to play.  Their teacher thanked her explaining they they’d been so jealous of the kids who were playing with Roamer and could not wait to get a chance to have a go.

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