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Roamer to Run at the Commonwealth Games

Roamer to run at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The dream race Roamer versus Usain Bolt!

 Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Weekend 26th to 28th July.


Games, Olympic Games, Commonwealth The Commonwealth Games is the third largest games in the world (behind the Olympics and the Asia Games. Over 70 countries, Crown Dependencies and island states participate.  The UK countries compete in the Olympics as Great Britain, but in the Commonwealth Games they compete as individual countries.

Well maybe not round THE track, but round a track in the BBC Learning’s Digizone.  The BBC is creating the Digizone to help children develop their coding skills.  This is part of a bigger event called BBC at the Quay. For more information, please visit; BBC at the Quay.

Members of the BBC Production Team saw Roamer at the Big Bang.  Then they saw Roamer’s efforts at the London Olympics.  They decided she had to take part in the Glasgow Games.   The Roamer race track will be one of several activities in BBC Learning’s Digizone.  Participants have to program their Roamer to go round the track in the fastest possible time.  This will involve great accuracy with angles and maybe a programming solution.

Roamer Training Activity

Roamer® is already dusting off her running shorts and practising laps, ready for the big event.  So if you are visiting the Commonwealth Games on the weekend of the 26th-28th July, make sure you pop in to the Digizone and have a go with Roamer. In preparation try these quick activities

  1. Find out how fast Roamer travels in one second
  2. Roamer can travel at different speeds find: Find out how to program Roamer to go at top speed
  3. Usain Bolt runs the 100m in 9.58 seconds.  Ask your children to find out how far he would travel in one second
  4. Make Roamer go forward and mark out how far it travels in one second
  5. Now use a tape measure and measure out how far Usain would travel in one second
  6. Compare it with how far the children run in one second



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