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TRTWR and RiE Conference in Padua

Paper on Educational Robots and Computational Thinking Well Received

The paper on Educational Robots and Computational Thinking written by myself and Southampton University’s John Woollard was well received in Padua, Italy on Friday 18th July.  The conference saw the coming together of two conferences: TRTWR (Teaching Robotics and Teaching with Robotics and RiE (Robotics in Education).  It formed a special interest group within the 13th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems which featured cutting edge robotics from all industries. 

Delegates from several European Countries were joined by a number of US researchers delivered 16 papers and two poster sessions.  A further paper “Robotics as a Learning Tool for Educational Transformation” was presented by Amy Eguchi from through Skype Conference from Connecticut.   A number of people congratulated me on the paper commenting that it had clarified a number of issues.  A characteristic of the Conference was the high proportion of women presenters and delegates.

One of the sessions at the TRTWR and RiE Conference, Padua 2014.


Conference Proceedings

The proceedings are available on

Future Events

“Teaching Robotics, Teaching With Robotics” TRTWR workshop will be held after 2 years as usual, information on venue and date to be announced in the short future.  “Robotics in Education” (RIE) conference is held annually and next one will be held in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, May 2015, organized by: Robot-Ch in cooperation with the Western Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, with Chairs: Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, David Obdrzalek and Richard Balogh.

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