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Swashbuckle Roamer Success

Swashbuckle Roamer Success

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games has drawn to a close. Roamer played its part in the fun and games as part of the BBC’s Digizone.  In a fantastic 3 days over 600 children programmed Roamer pirate ships to find the treasure.  Favourite Pirate joke supplied by James age 4. Q. Why are Pirates Pirates? A. They just arrrrr!  Clearly a Billy Connelly in the making!

The activity showed the ability of Roamer activities to adapt differentiate between the abilities and needs of different children.  In the activity the older the children, the more obstacles they need to program Roamer to avoid on its way to finding the treasure.

Valiant’s Kate Hudson dressed to swashbuckle with any scurvy knaves.

Roamer works well in interactive situations like this. It takes a few moments to explain the challenge to the participants and they can complete a STEM challenge in a few moments.  Kate explains, “This is important when there is a families with several children all wanting to do lots of different things.”  Of course the challenge cannot be too trivial and they need to capture the imagination and teach at least one STEM principle.

Kate was not the only person getting into character.  Roamer made a neat privateer and there was no shortage of cabin boys and girls.  The BBC designers had raided the prop department of the CBeebies Swashbuckle Programme


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