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Roamer Goes Back to the Future - Again!

I presented this paper on Peer Assessment and Educational Robots at the PRASAE Workshop in Tallinn University, Estonia.  It became clear that Roamer was doing things 30 years ago that educators are just now realising are important.  The same thing happened in Padua, when I delivered the paper on Computational Thinking.  Most of the audience were University Professors and their take on PASA (Peer and Self Assessment) was very formal they appreciated the perspective.  In the Q & A one stunned professor from Denmark asked, “Why was this approach to education not happening everywhere?” What a good question! The organisers from the University of Bratislava asked me to write a paper a few months ago.  I assume they had read the paper on Educational Robots and Assessment for Learning.   I presented this at Riva La Garda, Italy a couple of years ago.  Peer Assessment in one of the important strands of Assessment for Learning.  I started reviewing work with Turtles and Roamers from our archives.  They were full of examples of peer assessment.  In fact the “Turtling without Tears” research project run by the DFES back in 1988 and 1989 identified the positive interactions between students as a stand out characteristic of using robot technology.  Of course this was long before people realised the positive contribution peer assessment had to make to successful lessons.  It became clear in the research that peer assessment is natural to using Roamer.

The paper was well received with several people interested starting Roamer projects.  They day was then followed by a visit to Skype Headquarters (Skype was invented in Estonia).  Some interesting things came out of that visit.  Keep in touch for some interesting developments.

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