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Roamer to Russia with Love

Roamer Packs It’s “Woollies” for a Winter In Moscow

Maggie Morrissey of Technology to Teach is working in the Atlantic International School in Moscow. She is taking Roamer with her where she plans some interesting science and creative writing projects. Roamer could learn Russian, but it does not have to, because the project also involves using Roamer to teach English as a Second Language (ESL).


Roamer will be making its first appearance this term at the Atlantic International School in Moscow.  During the first term the children in Octopus class (year 5) will get to learn how to use Roamer via a literacy unit on instructional writing.  The topic will be entitled ‘Roamer comes to Russia’. During this topic the children, all of them native Russian speakers, will be writing a variety of different instructions on how to make the Roamer move in English. Their work will be shown on the Technology to Teach Blog and project page and on Valiant’s GO Magazine and possibly on the Roamer Podcast. The class also has its own blog and podcast and where possible their work will be shown there.   In addition Maggie will be creating an activity which you will will be able to access, Free of charge via the Roamer Activity Library.

Classic Roamer has been used successfully for ESL.  A teacher in Canberra Australia used it with a class containing students who between them spoke 15 different languages.
Then in the new term in January roamer will be involved in their topic  about space. Whilst using the Roamer the children will learn about the vastness of our universe as well as how they could  make Roamer able to live on a chosen planet. Roamer will also be used to develop their science fiction writing as the children use Roamer as the main character in a “lost in space” adventure. Further details will be given closer to the start date in January.

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