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Out of Africa - To Get More Roamers

You may remember our heart warming articles on Liss and Kafuro Schools. Liss who use Roamer extensively introduced it to Kafuro their Ugandan partners in the Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning Project.  Ugandan teacher Mr Yowasi Byaruhanga had left the warmth of the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda for the for chilly climes of the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire.  Valiant took the opportunity to find out how Roamer was doing in Africa and donate some more Roamers.

Roamer Enjoying the African Sun

Mr Byaruhunga told me that the children at Kafuro loved using Roamer.  So he was very pleased when with the help of the students from Liss School we were able to present him with two more robots.  ThA children then proceeded to show Mr Byaruhanga some of the things they did with Roamer.  The activities created by Liss School’s head,  Andy Burford, I particularly liked the extension to the standard obstacle course activity – which was very simple but very effective.  You can find out more about these activities by joining the Roamer User Group, RUG, and accessing Roamer Golf and Roamer About Town in the Activity Library.

Mr Byaruhanga makes a suggestion

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