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StrongBot Contest in British Science Week

The World’s Strongest Man competition sees people doing amazing things like carrying two large fridges over 30 m, pulling trucks or aircraft and what is the equivalent of carrying a fat man up a lot of stairs.  I have to say I enjoy watching the programme.  However, as an ex-crane designer I must tell them we have machines for doing that sort of stuff!  Of course this inspired the StrongBot Contest which will be taken on by Year 7 and 8 Lambeth Academy Students as par of British Science Week.

Lambeth Academy Students Investigate the Strength of Roamer

When a request came through STEM Net for a STEM Ambassador to help one of our local schools I decided I had to help.  A quick conversation with science teacher Ruby Akaje-Macauley about how we could help and we formulated the idea of students first of all testing Roamer’s strength then fi

nding ways of making it stronger.  This activity  will take place as part of British Science Week on the 17th of March.  We will publish the results in the GO Magazine.

Classic Roamer always liked the idea of strongmen. This was part of a design done at Southmead Primary School in Wimbledon. It was part of a circus project.

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