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East Sussex Primary School Beat the Spooks

Crawley STEMFest Big Bang Event Finds New Champions

The first Big Bang Roamer attended was at the National Event just over two years ago.  Students were set the challenge Sum Pathways – the aim of which was to program Roamer to find the pathway through a grid that would gather highest cumulative score from start to finish.  The challenge not only grabbed the attention of the children but fascinated many of the neighbouring exhibitors in the maths zone.  Over the four days the high score kept growing and by the end the top score stood at a massive 759,942.  This score has now been beaten by boys and girls from All Saints and St Richard’s Primary School in Old Heathfield East Sussex at Crawley STEMfest Big Bang 2015.

Sum Pathways

The Roamer starts in the bottom left hand corner.  The children write a program that finds a pathway to the finish that uses the numbers and operators.

The best route until now was found one of the exhibitors – a chap working for the governments communication headquarters (GCHQ) – the spies who code and decode secret messages. Well we can now announce that the girls and boys of All Saints and St Richard’s Primary School in Old Heathfield, East Sussex have taken the record. At the Crawley STEMFest Big Bang last Tuesday the girls managed a score of 760,230. As the kids said, “We smashed it”.

A steady stream of students working on the problem.


Crawley STEMfest 2015

All Saints and St Richards School

All Saints and St Richards School News Letter No 37 (10-07-15)

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