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How to Use Roamer to Bring about World Peace.

Waves of Change – Your Chance to Find out How.

Scientist turned science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, invented three laws of robotics.  The first law says a robot may not injure a human being, yet war drones regularly buzz around battlefields.  When educational robot Roamer heard about the European Pledge to Peace it just had to help.  How can it do this?

Roamer immediately signed the pledge and created a series of games and challenges which make students of all ages think about peace.  Cooperation or competition?  How do I work with people I disagree with?  Human, animal or robot?   Some students in America even made a Peace Pledge movie starring Roamer.

If you want to find out more you can attend the Waves of Change Conference on the 2nd July.  In the Roamer workshop, you can play with the robot, try out the activities and judge their effectiveness.

The conference will involve various guest speakers, including Richard Outram from Oldham.  His schools take the pledge seriously, several have already signed up and he hopes more will do so in September.  If you sign the Peace Pledge, you do not sign a petition.  You commit to taking action.  Small individual deeds that matter to people, replace grandiose, often ineffectual action.

Roamer will also launch its support for the eco-campaign Water Explorers.  This is a schools-based project already working in 11 different countries.  In the workshop, pupils clean the river so the Roamer (a salmon) can safely swim to the ocean.  They will learn about the science, social, economic and political issues of water.  More importantly, the task nurtures qualities which will make students global citizens and ambassadors for positive change

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