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Dave Catlin

The inventor and designer of Roamer.

East Sussex Primary School Beat the Spooks

Crawley STEMFest Big Bang Event Finds New Champions

The first Big Bang Roamer attended was at the National Event just over two years ago.  Students were set the challenge Sum Pathways – the aim of which was to program Roamer to find the pathway through a grid that would gather highest cumulative score from start to finish.  The challenge not only grabbed the attention of the children but fascinated many of the neighbouring exhibitors in the maths zone.  Over the four days the high score kept growing and by the end the top score stood at a massive 759,942.  This score has now been beaten by boys and girls from All Saints and St Richard’s Primary School in Old Heathfield East Sussex at Crawley STEMfest Big Bang 2015.

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Roamer at the West Sussex Big Bang Fair

Roamer Does Its Maths Thing Again

Once again Roamer will be challenging students to find the Biggest Number at a Big Bang Event. This time time it is the Big Bang Fair South East 2015. Once again as guests of the Institute of Mathematics we will be supporting the Crawley STEMfest on the 30th June.

Roamer at the Big Bang South East England

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Roamer Research Contributes in USA and Europe

Roamer Research Expertise at the Forefront of Educational Robotics

Dr Stephanie Holmquist, US proponent and distributor of Roamer will be a panel member at an important Robotics Symposium on the 1st May at Brown’s University in the USA.  Roamer designer, Dave Catlin will present a paper on educational robotic research and its impact in the classroom and a poster on mathematical modelling with Roamer in Switzerland on 21st May. Continue reading

StrongBot Contest in British Science Week

The World’s Strongest Man competition sees people doing amazing things like carrying two large fridges over 30 m, pulling trucks or aircraft and what is the equivalent of carrying a fat man up a lot of stairs.  I have to say I enjoy watching the programme.  However, as an ex-crane designer I must tell them we have machines for doing that sort of stuff!  Of course this inspired the StrongBot Contest which will be taken on by Year 7 and 8 Lambeth Academy Students as par of British Science Week. Continue reading

Out of Africa - To Get More Roamers

You may remember our heart warming articles on Liss and Kafuro Schools. Liss who use Roamer extensively introduced it to Kafuro their Ugandan partners in the Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning Project.  Ugandan teacher Mr Yowasi Byaruhanga had left the warmth of the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda for the for chilly climes of the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire.  Valiant took the opportunity to find out how Roamer was doing in Africa and donate some more Roamers. Continue reading

Roamer to Russia with Love

Roamer Packs It’s “Woollies” for a Winter In Moscow

Maggie Morrissey of Technology to Teach is working in the Atlantic International School in Moscow. She is taking Roamer with her where she plans some interesting science and creative writing projects. Roamer could learn Russian, but it does not have to, because the project also involves using Roamer to teach English as a Second Language (ESL).


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Roamer at BETT 2015

Valiant will be exhibiting at BETT 2015 to be held at the Excel, London from the 21st to the 24th January.  You will be able to see Roamer on Stand F432. Make sure you visit and catch up on the latest developments.  Watch this site for updates as they occur.

UK Workshop Schedule Oct to Dec 2014

Where Kate will be Showing Roamer

Kate will be visiting various areas of the UK to run Roamer workshops.  If you would like to meet her when she is in your locality or arrange for her to visit you then please contact her as soon as possible. Continue reading

MESH Guide on Roamer Initiated

Educational Robots: Why Use Roamer Robots in the Classroom?

Valiant is proud to be working with Andrew Csizmadia, Newman University and Mike Blamires, RIPPLE to publish a MESHGuide called  Educational robots: why use a Roamer robot in the classroom? MESHGuides provide independently quality assured research based advice for teachers.  MESHGuides are developed by educators around the world and are managed by the charity, the Education Futures Collaboration. Continue reading

On the Buses with Roamer

Using Roamer to Model a Mass Transport System

Everyone knows the saying, “You stand at the bus stop, waiting for ages, then three of them turn up at the same time.”   Why?  A mathematical model called queuing theory supplies an answer.  What is the mathematics used to design a mass transportation system?  That is what Year 10 students at the Kingsdale Foundation School, Southwark are about to find out.   As a STEM Ambassador I will run a five week mathematics enrichment programme starting on the 14th October. Continue reading