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Paper Accepted for Bangkok Conference

Using Learning Intentions with Educational Robots

The Constructionism Conference 2016 has peer reviewed and accepted a paper written by Dave Catlin. It one of a series of papers in which Dave pioneers the use of Assessment for Learning methods with Educational Robots. The conference takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, 1st to 5th February 2016. Unfortunately, Dave cannot attend the conference so he will use Skype and a slide show to present the paper.

Constructionism 2016

The presentation is Session “17A : Math, Programming, Robots” and will take place at 11 am Friday Feb 5th.

PhD Awarded for Study of Roamer Activity

Scientific Study Shows the Effectiveness of Roamer

We always said you could get a PhD by doing a comprehensive study of almost any Roamer Activity.  Well now someone has just done exactly that.  Dr. Stephanie Holmquist has just been awarded a PhD from the University of South Florida for her dissertation entitled: A multi-case study of student interactions with educational robots and impact on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning and attitudes.  This is an exciting development and makes a good contribution to the gathering evidence about the effectiveness of Educational Robotics. Continue reading

Roamer Goes Back to the Future - Again!

I presented this paper on Peer Assessment and Educational Robots at the PRASAE Workshop in Tallinn University, Estonia.  It became clear that Roamer was doing things 30 years ago that educators are just now realising are important.  The same thing happened in Padua, when I delivered the paper on Computational Thinking.  Most of the audience were University Professors and their take on PASA (Peer and Self Assessment) was very formal they appreciated the perspective.  In the Q & A one stunned professor from Denmark asked, “Why was this approach to education not happening everywhere?” What a good question! Continue reading