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Like to Code, Like to Dance, This is Your Chance

Like to Code, Like to Dance, This is Your Chance

Roamer will dance at the start of the EU Code Week.  At the moment 23,043 events, involving 968,537+ students will take place in 45 Countries between the 7th and 22nd of October, 2017.  Roamer’s version of Strictly Come Dancing will take place at event run by University College London (UCL).  The venue is 103 Camley St., Kings Cross, London, N1C 4PF.  The event starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm.  For further information contact:

If you’ve got Roamers but can’t attend you can still take part: see Dancing Lessons, Strictly Dancing Roamer.  What is code week and why take part? Continue reading

Congratulations Dr Lowenstein on Your Recent Honour

Roamer’s long-time educational adviser receives prestigious award

The National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates (NAMEPA) honoured Dr Lowenstein for her efforts to promote equitable education with their “2016 Wings to Succeed Award”.  Ronnie’s tireless efforts in advising and encouraging Roamer’s development is one example of her contribution. Continue reading

How to Use Roamer to Bring about World Peace.

Waves of Change – Your Chance to Find out How.

Scientist turned science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, invented three laws of robotics.  The first law says a robot may not injure a human being, yet war drones regularly buzz around battlefields.  When educational robot Roamer heard about the European Pledge to Peace it just had to help.  How can it do this? Continue reading

Roamer at the West Sussex Big Bang Fair

Roamer Does Its Maths Thing Again

Once again Roamer will be challenging students to find the Biggest Number at a Big Bang Event. This time time it is the Big Bang Fair South East 2015. Once again as guests of the Institute of Mathematics we will be supporting the Crawley STEMfest on the 30th June.

Roamer at the Big Bang South East England

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Swashbuckle Roamer Success

Swashbuckle Roamer Success

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games has drawn to a close. Roamer played its part in the fun and games as part of the BBC’s Digizone.  In a fantastic 3 days over 600 children programmed Roamer pirate ships to find the treasure.  Favourite Pirate joke supplied by James age 4. Q. Why are Pirates Pirates? A. They just arrrrr!  Clearly a Billy Connelly in the making!

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Roamer in Boston for National Robotics Week

Roamer Continues its Work at the Museum

According to Dan Noren Roamer has been one of the most successful parts of the interactive displays at Chaners Computer Place, Museum of Science Boston. Prototypes of the new Roamer took part in the inaugural National Robotics week, where visitor engaged in the Robot Rally Race Activity.

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