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Where to See Roamer Next?

How to Use Roamer to Bring about World Peace.

Waves of Change – Your Chance to Find out How.

Scientist turned science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, invented three laws of robotics.  The first law says a robot may not injure a human being, yet war drones regularly buzz around battlefields.  When educational robot Roamer heard about the European Pledge to Peace it just had to help.  How can it do this? Continue reading

Roamer to Appear in Front of the US Congress

Roamer Movie to Premier

Roamer® received a summons to appear in front of the US Congress. On the 12th April she will attend the STEM on the Hill™ exhibition held on Capitol Hill. There she will appear in front of an invited audience which includes 535 Members of the US Congress and key Congressional staff. The audience will interrogate Roamer on her performance in the “Robotic Performing Arts Project™” created by Oxon Hill Middle School, in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

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Where to See Roamer Next

Roamer’s Ongoing Public Appearance Schedule

Check out where you will see Roamer next.  You are welcome to go along and say hello.  She would love to see you!

Forthcoming Events: March 24th Oldham

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Roamer at the West Sussex Big Bang Fair

Roamer Does Its Maths Thing Again

Once again Roamer will be challenging students to find the Biggest Number at a Big Bang Event. This time time it is the Big Bang Fair South East 2015. Once again as guests of the Institute of Mathematics we will be supporting the Crawley STEMfest on the 30th June.

Roamer at the Big Bang South East England

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Roamer Research Contributes in USA and Europe

Roamer Research Expertise at the Forefront of Educational Robotics

Dr Stephanie Holmquist, US proponent and distributor of Roamer will be a panel member at an important Robotics Symposium on the 1st May at Brown’s University in the USA.  Roamer designer, Dave Catlin will present a paper on educational robotic research and its impact in the classroom and a poster on mathematical modelling with Roamer in Switzerland on 21st May. Continue reading

UK Workshop Schedule Oct to Dec 2014

Where Kate will be Showing Roamer

Kate will be visiting various areas of the UK to run Roamer workshops.  If you would like to meet her when she is in your locality or arrange for her to visit you then please contact her as soon as possible. Continue reading

Roamer at the 2014 Education Show

Roamer, Valiant Technology, Educational Robots, Inspiring Minds

You can come and see Roamer at the 2014 Education Show, March 20th to 22nd NEC, Birmingham.  Roamer will be displayed on the West Mercier Supplies Stand C49-B50.  Take this opportunity to get up to date with the latest developments and preview the Computing Curriculum Activity Pack.

Roamer Will Go with a Big Bang Again!

Following the great success of Roamer at last year’s Big Bang Fair in London, the Institute of Mathematics has invited us to be part of these years STEM Interactive extravaganza.  This year’s main event will be held in Birmingham will provide you with a Free fun day out and a chance to have hands on experience with Roamer. Continue reading