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Find out the latest Roamer information by viewing the individual Roamer RSS feeds.

What is an RSS Feed

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow you to see when new content has been added to a website. This is the simplest way find out when a new activity has been added to the Activity Library or when a new training course is available in the free Roamer Training Site.  You can come to this page to find the latest information from all the Valiant sites.

This is the RSS Feed symbol is  in the footer of the various Valiant sites.  Click on it and it will bring you to this page.

Getting Automatic Up Dates

If you install a RSS News Reader, you can connect to any of the Roamer RSS Feeds. This will provide you with automatic up dates of any of the sites you have chosen to follow.

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Roamer News
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Roamer Activities
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Roamer Training Modules
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GO Magazine
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Kate's Blog
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Roamer Tumblr
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Roamer Podcast
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Press Releases
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You Tube
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Roamer Research
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